Class Descriptions

Introduction to Zentangle Basics (Level I): The Zentangle Method® is an easy-to-learn, relaxing way to create beautiful abstract images by repeating a variety of structured patterns. With no preconceived idea of the final results creativity just happens. People who don’t draw discover the artist within them while those with art experience find new creativity and focus. All supplies are included in the $40 fee; except a sketchbook (approximately 5x8” or 6x9”) that lies flat when opened and has medium weight paper.
Building on the Basics (Level II): This second level class reviews the "Enhancers" and the "Zentangle Principles of Drawing" you learned with the first 7 tangles. Add 7 more tangles to your palette with individual and collaborative work. Bring your pens and a sketchbook. The class fee includes some tiles, a Graphic 1 pen, and a Zentangle Resource document.

High Focus Tangles (Level III): The third level class includes: 7 more tangles (5 are “high focus") for your palette, more about shading, additional “enhancers,” and how to draw “pearls” and “dew drops.” Bring your pens and a sketchbook.

Reticula & Fragments (R&F): Reticula are shapes which form a network/grid creating blank spaces where you can insert drawings. (Think squares, circles, oblongs, etc. and tangle patterns you already know such as #Tripoli, #Cadent....) Fragments are little pieces of patterns, which are drawn in the reticula spaces. They can be drawn in the same direction, rotated,  mirrored.... This is a great exercise in mindfulness and focus.  And though it often looks complicated, it really isn’t; it's "just one stroke at a time." We'll play some R&F games and you'll leave with a catalog of established R&F and lots of practice.  Remember to bring your Zentangle tools and sketchbook.

Renaissance Tiles: During the Renaissance period artists drew on neutral toned paper with white pencils, black ink, graphite and, often, earthy colors like brown, sepia and terra cotta. Since then, artists around the world (including those using the Zentangle Method) have used that iconic style of drawing. Bring your Zentangle tools and sketchbook to class. The class will include tan tiles, a brown and white pen, a white charcoal pencil and a tortillon to use with the white pencil.

New Fangled Stings & Colored Backgrounds for Tangling: This hands on class will introduce you to six easy, fast and FUN ways to add color and zip to your tiles and strings. We'll use stains, juices, inks and dyes to create unique tiles for your next tangle creations. Magic is guaranteed! The class includes some official tiles, but you'll want to make more. (I've got the paper cutter, so bring the papers you would like to cut into tiles.) I have all the STUFF to make the magic.

The Expanding Boundaries of Zentangle: The founders and devoted practitioners of Zentangle are endlessly exploring and creating new and interesting twists to working with tangles. Come for an afternoon of exploring Dingbatz, Articulated Molygons,  Double Spirals, MapTangling, TranZending, TZs, and more.

Black tiles: This is another medium for students to explore using tangles they are already familiar with while focusing on new materials.  Bring your sketchbook and any metallic pens you might own Your new supplies will include black tiles, a white Gelly Roll pen®, and a white charcoal pencil and use of metallic pens.

Scratchboard Tangling: If you are already like scratchboard AND Zentangle, you can learn some short cuts to combining the two art forms in this class. Some patterns are easier to execute than other. Learn what they are and try them out. Please bring your scratching tools, a practice scratchboard and any inks or watercolors you choose for adding color. An Ampersand scratchboard tile (3.5” square) is included in the class.

Nature Tangles: Once you have a good background in the Zentangle Method, you can learn many more tangles in a single class. Using my Nature Tangles Catalog, we will deconstruct some of the 100+ tangles and practice them in your sketchbook. After considering options students will begin tangling on an Opus (10.5"x10.5" tile.)  Bring your pens, pencils, sketchbook, etc. You'll get a catalog of Nature Tangles and an Opus tile to work on.


The following classes are only taught @ the Art Institute/Desert Museum

Introduction: The World of Patterns (NEW Winter 2020) We are surrounded by patterns in our daily lives. We'll explore patterns that were predominate during two earlier time periods and then immerse ourselves in the patterned art of two more recent artists. (No experience necessary!)

Zentangle at the Desert Museum (Spring) This 3 day class Includes an Introduction/review of Zentangle patterns (Levels I, II, and III) and then a focus on Nature Tangles. (See the class descriptions below; no experience necessary!)

What is Zentangle? (Summer/Fall) This 5 hour class is the relaxed Introduction to Zentangle Basics: Level I with some added perks- more personal attention, extra tangles and surprises.  

Zentangle on Desert Gourds (November 1 & 2, 2019) Locally grown tan gourds are a lovely surface for drawing "tangles" (patterns) in black, brown, red, and white inks. Come learn about selecting and preparing gourds as well as techniques for working on their surface.  (Perquisite: Some experience drawing Zentangle patterns on paper.)

ABRACADABRA! (November 9 & 10, 2019) Simple backgrounds for journals, pen & inks, collages, clay boards, notecards…There are lots of interesting, simple, and FUN ways to work “behind the scenes” other than watercolor.  This two day class includes hands-on exploration AND a day for creating projects with stains, marbling, printing and inventing new techniques. (No experience necessary!)