Where I teach:

I teach at the Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum's Art Institute and in my art studio in Tucson, AZ and weekly at a local shelter for women who are experiencing homelessness. Occasionally I teach in Missoula, MT and Monterey, CA. I don't have group classes in the summer, but do teach individual students.

Class descriptions

My Art Studio


Take the first 3 classes in order:

• Introduction to Zentangle Basics: Level I 
• Building on the Basic: Level II 
• High Focus Tangles: Level III 

• Nature Tangles
• New Fangled String & Colored Backgrounds for Tangles
• Reticula & Fragments
• Renaissance Tiles
• The Expanding Boundaries of Zentangle
• Black Tiles
• Scratchboard Tangling 

- Classes are 2.5 -3 hours long

- The fee is $40

- Class size is limited

- Private lessons are available


• Zin & Zen: Wine & Tangling with your  Friends
• A Tangle of Kids
• Family Affair: Mixed Generational Fun
• Team Building for Businesses

-  No experience is necessary

- The class structure depends on what you want

- In a location of your choosing

- The fee depends on the event and number of participants


Want a class you don't see here?         JUST ASK! 

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Art Institute @ Desert Museum

Introduction: The World of Patterns (NEW Winter 2020) We are surrounded by patterns in our daily lives. We'll explore patterns that were predominate during two earlier time periods and then immerse ourselves in the patterned art of two more recent artists. (No experience necessary!)

Zentangle at the Desert Museum (Spring) This 3 day class Includes an Introduction/review of Zentangle patterns (Levels I, II, and III) and then a focus on Nature Tangles. (No experience necessary!)

What is Zentangle? (Summer/Fall) This 5 hours class is a relaxed "Introduction to Zentangle Basics: Level I" with some added perks- more personal attention, extra tangles and surprises.

Zentangle on Desert Gourds (November 1 & 2, 2019) Locally grown gourds are a lovely surface for drawing "tangles" (patterns) in black, brown, red, and white inks. Come learn about selecting and preparing gourds as well as techniques for working on their surface.  (Perquisite: Some experience drawing Zentangle patterns on paper.)

ABRACADABRA! (November 9 & 10, 2019) Simple backgrounds for journals, pen & inks, collages, clay boards, notecards…There are lots of interesting, simple, and FUN ways to work “behind the scenes” other than with watercolor.  This two day class includes hands-on exploration AND a day for creating projects with stains, marbling, printing and inventing new techniques. (No experience necessary!)

Registration:   (520) 883-3024 OR

 Art Institute