Zentangle & Me

In addition to the standard 3.5" square white tiles, I like to use the same sized black and tan (Renaissance) tiles, the 4  5/8" diameter Zendala circles, the 10.5" square Opus tiles, etc.  Once an artist is comfortable with the tangles (patterns) it is often fun to add color- watercolors, dyes, stains, colored pencils, etc. Also working on other surfaces like scratchboards, clayboards, notebook covers, stationary, etc. is interesting.

Personally, I love working on the natural surfaces of gourds! But the sky is the limit as to what you can draw on- quilts, stones, seashells, sneakers,  doors, notecards, furniture, bikes, cars, china, glass, jewelry,  and/or whatever sparks their imagination. 

When artists combine Zentangle with realistic images, it's referred to as "Zentangle Inspired Art" (ZIA).